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The new apartments in Hyattsville, MD, that offer the most

You know what you’re looking for in an apartment. It’s got to be close to the city. It’s got to have a style that feels right. It’s got to have amenities you actually want to use. Good news is: there’s finally a place that brings all that together. It’s called Lync. And it’ll let you live just like you please. Live the Lync Life.

It's About You

We designed Lync for people like you. People who are on the go but want a great place to pause. Relax. It’s why we’ve created homes that look as great as they feel. And why we’ve included amenities that give you space to breathe and enjoy the day. You’ll find the best part of it all is that Lync is where you want to be—when you want to be you.

man and woman in living room eating sushi, drinking wine and laughing